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Faye Wong and The Cure and Tori Amos (oh and some Tinaecmusic too)

June 21, 2008

Probably four musical acts which have never been uttered in the same sentence before ever?

Right now I’m listening to Galore by The Cure– a Greatest Hits thing, I guess. I don’t usually buy Greatest Hits but… yup. I found it somewhere in our house and I was like “I don’t have enough by them”. I’m hooked now D: Every song on here is a lovesong to me. (Omg, dorky music puns… I’m a loser haha.)

Aah. Why are they so good. I want to see them live.

Hahahaha Tori Amos makes me lul. She’s so.. I don’t know. Crazy, in a way that’s simultaneously intimidating and really freaky. Her music is cool though even if she’s a nutjob. She thinks that Britney’s song Toxic is a reference to toxic shock syndrome. Uhh. Crazy. Toldja so.

Her music is amazing anyway. Even if her approach to life is screwed up. I dunno she’s so 90s to me. Like, when I think of her I have to think of her music from 1995, even though she’s been an artist for as much of the 21st century as she has of the 20th. Her new album is so.. it has like 4092894389 songs and 4092894285 of them aren’t even worth listening to. The ones that are good are weird.

Her new album is too rocky. I like it but it’s so different and I prefer her overplayed girl-and-a-piano stuffff.

FAYE WONG. I want to write about her in Chinese except for that like… I can’t be bothered when I have to look up a character at a time on this computer. I want my laptop back. So I can blog about Faye.

Anyway her vocals are amazing and so completely perfect that I sometimes think they’re too… perfect, and not unique enough. Maybe not.. “unique” though. More like… they have so little character because they’re so completely flawless. That might be exaggerating but you get my point?

In other flawless vocal news, Tinaecmusic is amazing and I want her psychobabies. I don’t care about her feud with Perez BECAUSE SHE’S SO EXCELLENT IT MAKES MY SKIN CRAWL. At least, I think it’s excellence making my skin crawl.

Sometimes I call people late at night and block my number and play Tina for them.

On a not-really-related note, this is the bomb diggity.

Even though it tends not to work at all. And if your song isn’t the very first one then chances are it’s not on the list. And the ability for fans to add songs basically makes it a whole big mess. And… yeaaah it’s not so amazing I guess. XD
BUT THE IDEA IS COOL! The clipart is lulz though.

Oh god see? It’s so awful! XD But with a good graphics designer and, uh… a whole new system, it could be rad.